HiRef today is part of a total of 11 companies which form the international active Galletti Group – founded in 1906 and now with more than 450 employees – and is one of the leading manufacturers of computer-room, precision air-conditioning equipment.

Established in 2001, their swift growth is clear proof that innovation and technology together with an enthusiastic team of employees lead to overwhelming success in the marketplace

Excellent performance

HiRef is committed to providing total cooling solutions for network communication technology and systematic constant temperature and humidity solutions for environments where controlled ambient temperature and humidity are critical. HiRef has a wide range of high-quality products to satisfy customer demands for the utmost in system benefits while meeting strict environmental protection requirements.

Today, the excellent performance clients have come to expect from HiRef precision air conditioning units is setting new standards or excellence in the close-control, air-conditioning industry.

Think about the future and our children in a hundred years… and you’ll understand what “energy saving” really means

With environmental protection a core commitment, HiRef continually strives to achieve an optimal balance between high performance and ecological and environmental protection when designing each new system with all our precision air conditioning products based on environmentally friendly R407C and R410A refrigerants.

Custom made solutions

Part of HiRef’s job is the development of special units and specific systems for non-standard requests. Flexibility is the essential feature of that department in which the customer is lead to the best solution for his needs of air-conditioning or refrigeration. The developed systems and units are based on a recipe which consists in ability, experience and modern technologies.

Research and development

The DNA of HiRef is made of R&D of new technologies, new methods and new solutions to achieve better results not only in A/C and refrigeration, but even in production and control strategies. A close cooperation with several Italian Universities supports this activity and ensures a constant and secure growth, based on scientific basis: all the degree thesis which are carried out yearly in HiRef are the evidence of all this.

The innovation center:

Testing Labs

HIREF_The Innovation Centre – Testing Labs

FATs (Factory Acceptance Tests) are part of our testing process. These let end customers or their technical consultants personally ascertain that the equipment complies with project specifications.

Temperature, pressure, flow, and vibration transducers are connected to a monitoring computer that provides readings of the product’s operating parameters, for a complete performance assessment. The data gathered are used to calculate different performance indicators and assess efficiency, energy savings and any other parameter for satisfying project requirements. Measurement of noise emissions is a very important aspect at HiRef, which provides an off-site qualified area compliant with the UNI EN ISO 3746 standard. Thanks to our collaboration with the University of Padua, we can draw on the expertise of academics for certification of acoustic tests. HiRef also has a lab for component thermal stress testing to validate continuous operation at extremely low temperatures (as low as -50 °C).

Low-T Lab

The Low-T Lab is a climatic room used to recreate extreme temperature conditions (as low as -50 °C), simulating the coldest winter climates. This makes it possible to test monobloc telecom air conditioners; components such as test units, fans, and electrical panels; and reduced-scale prototypes. To maintain critical temperature conditions, the room uses direct expansion units connected to a two-stage compressor with sub-critical CO2 refrigeration cycle.

Data Centre Lab

Data Centre Lab is a climatic laboratory with raised floor and false ceiling used to replicate different server room layouts. The infrastructure enables us to test direct expansion or chilled water units and allows for reversible and multi-directional airflow inside the room to adapt to different test configurations. With the Data Centre Lab we can exactly reproduce actual operating conditions to test CRAC units with Upflow, Downflow or Displacement configuration

Hyper lab

A recent addition, the Hyper Lab was entirely designed and built by HiRef’s R&D department to test air to-water and water-to-water chillers and heat pumps as well as large-sized (HiRef DataBatic) and high power (up to 1.5 MW nominal cooling capacity and 2.0 MW heating capacity) air-to-air units. For air-to air units, the lab can simulate an external environment (outside air intake) with temperatures as low as -35 °C.

Off-site noise emission testing

Thanks to our collaboration with the University of Padua, we can draw on the expertise of academics for the certification of acoustic tests performed in an off-site qualified area compliant with the UNI EN ISO 3746 standard. Class 1 instruments are used, providing an accuracy of 1.5 dBA under favourable environmental conditions.

Close Control Air Conditioning

Communication: the keyword for the new millennium. Communication is to get closer to the ones we love, communication is to create new opportunities for each one’s job, communication is to get better and better each and every day. Your data need sophisticated electronic devices in IT rooms; here the cooling demand reaches high levels, while the temperature and the humidity of the ambient air need a precise control. HiRef provide solutions for data centers, server rooms and telecom shelter, focusing on reliability, redundancy and energy saving for each system. Your words are a precious tool: HiRef makes it reliable.