Preventive and corrective activities

Our service engineers are trained and experienced to maintain and repair most of the leading brands in CRAC equipment (such as Liebert Hiross/Emerson that is now Vertiv, RC Group, HiRef and etc.), all known in Bulgarian market AC brands and other thermal systems.

Beneficial preventive maintenance services:

  • Service can be provided for 5×8 at standard rates or 7/24/365;
  • Response time would be adapted as per customer individual requirements;
  • Trained and certified service teams will hold professional responsibility for your equipment;
  • Ensure that your equipment is maintained correct will prolong its designed life and optimize system performance and energy consumption.
  • Preventive maintenance is also to address potential minor problems before they become a major inconvenience
  • Prevention helps save from costly repairs, downtimes, equipment life shortage and replacements; TCO is dramatically reduced;